Tuesday, October 2, 2007

61% Full

So I've got igoogle set up as my homepage on the computer. I put a few practical things on there like the weather, the date and time, and a couple of news sites. Then there's my celebrity and cooking sites, People and Betty Crocker. Oh, and then there's Physics Today and Scientific American....what? It could happen. But the one that always catches the pups eyes is the phases of the moon module. Big pup is especially fond of it. Whenever he sees it, he'll say "Look, the moon is 85% full! That's big!" (or whatever the percentage is that day). It's become a pastime of ours. When we're outside in the evening he'll ask, "Mommy, what percent is the moon tonight?" And I'll just make up something off the top of my head--as usual when it comes to answering his questions. But lately I'm getting very close. He asked me the other night what percentage the moon was, I told him 95%. We came in and looked at the computer, it was 90%. So close. Then yesterday I was only off by 1%!

Okay, I'm looking at the moon right now and I'm guessing it's 55% full. I'm gonna check to see if I'm right....and then I'm gonna get a life.

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