Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Sad Clown

See this clown? He's not happy. Look past those floppy shoes, that big, red nose, the cartoonish clothes and make up and you'll find one disgruntled clown. I'm guessing he's 30% Bozo, 30 % Emmett Kelly, 25 % Homey, and 15% Pennywise. Sunday, as we stood in line for the circus, he went up and down the line juggling and twirling his hat for the kids. In the meantime, he was complaining to any adult that would listen how they're being worked too hard, they had to travel 150 miles in 1 week, it's too hot, they can't set up the bleachers in time for the first performance, he has to share a dressing room with the poodles. Okay, I made that last one up. Everything else? True story.

The circus got mixed reviews by the pups. Big pup really enjoyed it, anytime he gets cotton candy is a good time. Little pup did not like it at all. He thought everything--the animals, the acrobats, the clowns--was very scary. So, of course, I forced him to have his picture made with a clown. I'm sure I've scarred him for life.

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