Monday, October 22, 2007


Well, let's hope that this week is less hectic and eventful than last week. And let's hope that Elliott Sadler can recover from his dismal finish at Charlotte with a top 10 at Martinsville! Okay, that may be too much to hope for. How about a top 20? Again, too much. Top 30? Elliott finished 40th. He started in 14th position and ran good until lap 90 (of 500). His teammate, Scott Riggs, ran into him and sent him to the garage for repairs. When Elliott finally made it back on the track he was over 100 laps down with no way of catching up.

This race set a record for yellow flags. There were 21 cautions and I think Martin Truex, Jr. was involved in all of them. Okay, maybe only 5, directly, but still, that's a lot for 1 driver.

Now for a few questions:
Does Jimmie Johnson get tired of winning all the time?
Does Clint Bowyer ever get mad?
Does Rusty Wallace ever get tired of talking about how great a racecar driver he was?
Does anyone really order raisins instead of chips at Subway?
Does anyone watch Caveman on ABC?

Jimmie Johnson gets the win, Aric Almirola gets the Red Lantern, and we're in Atlanta next Sunday.

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