Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Camera Tossing

Speaking of moons....

Last week, after I put the pups to bed, I took my camera outside to take a few pictures of the full moon (100% full!). It was huge, white, and splotchy. Kind of like me when I was pregnant. But I digress. I took about 5 or 6 shots but it wasn't coming out right. Too blurry. Subject too small. It just wasn't working. So I decided to do a little camera tossing. Well, not so much tossing really, more like waving it around a bit. Ryan Gallagher is credited with creating this technique and has instructions on his site Basically, you set your camera at a slow shutter speed, point it at a light source, and press the shutter while tossing (or waving) your camera.

The picture above is a collage of the moon pics I took that night. Definitely a first timer when compared to the stunning shots from the camera toss group at flickr. They'd probably look down on a measly camera waver like me. Maybe they'd let me join their group if I passed out recharged batteries and Gatorade?

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