Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not A Barbie In Sight

It's about reading Walter the Farting Dog a hundred times...

It's about having tires scattered on the front lawn...

It's about negotiating your way around the house without stepping on cars...
It's about finding footballs in the freezer...
It's about...
...having BOYS!

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  1. I was lucky enough to have both, so I know what it is like to step on cars AND Barbie shoes. =) They are all fun. And a Blessing. And because my "princess" was born second... she thinks farts are hilarious too. *shakes head*... hopeless.

  2. you have such a beautiful blog. I hope this comment reaches you - I just had to say hello ! Best wishes & thank you for sharing...

  3. I recognised some of those cars. LOL. 2 and already I have enough to fill a big plastic tub.

  4. My sons little cars are all over the place. Apparently it is too hard to pick them up. Oh, and Walter the Farting Dog is one of my son's favorite books. I thought my hubby and my in-laws were going to flip when they saw I bought it for him for his birthday. I can't help it he thinks farts are funny. :-)

  5. So, it is opposite at my house and I have no idea why you would freeze footballs?

    I throw the barbie shoes away secretly.

  6. looks like a lot of fun Ali, and I too step on those matchbox cars too yesterday stepped on a alien that really got my foot.

  7. I love being a mom to a boy. Can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans he gets into as he gets older:-)

  8. Haha! Footballs in the freezer! :D

    My boy's just a months shy of 2 years, but he should be up to such 'pranks' soon enough!


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