Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Awards Assembly

After the last awards assembly, Big pup came home from school wondering why I wasn't there to watch him get his awards. I felt awful that he thought I didn't care but honestly, I didn't know it was that big of a deal. I remember the awards assemblies we had in school and it wasn't the type of thing that parents attended. Apparently, times have changed. So I promised him that I would go to the next one. Which happened to be last Wednesday.

As his class filed into the room, I watched him scan the crowd of parents and then he spotted me. It was very cute. Every time he made eye contact with me he would look away and scrunch up his mouth trying so hard not to smile. He whispered to his teacher that his mommy was there and pointed me out to a couple of his friends. I don't know who was more proud--him or me. In the video he is sitting on the bottom row wearing overalls. He got 2 awards--one for honor roll and another for good citizenship.

(Please pardon the shakey video. I had a very antsy 3 year old on my hip.)

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  1. That was soooooo cute! The little boy in the front with the overalls on! The music set to the movie was perfect!

  2. Thanks Judy--I think I could watch that video a hundred times and never get tired of it!


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