Monday, March 31, 2008


Elliott Sadler did not take home the coveted Grandfather clock in Martinsville yesterday. As a matter of fact, it was questionable whether he would be able to even participate in the race in his home state of Virginia. He injured his back earlier last week and was in a lot of pain. He went ahead and started the race but kept Dennis Setzer on standby, just in case he couldn't finish. Setzer won the truck race a day before and to be honest, I was kind of, sort of, maybe, wishing, hoping, thinking, wondering if Setzer took over if he could pull off a top 5 for the number 19 car. But Elliott took a few Tylenol and felt fine during the race, so Setzer left after lap 60. He finished 15th in the race which moved him up to 19th in the standings.

Denny Hamlin gets the win (and the clock), Dave Blaney gets the Red Lantern (and no clock), and we're in Texas next Sunday (where the winner gets custom-carved wooden boots with real spurs).

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  1. I enjoyed sitting in my comfy recliner, watching the race. I kept an eye on Elliot, and was hoping he could just move up a few more place I was pleased with Earnhardt Jnr, Jamie McMurray,and Tony coming in the top 10.
    Talking about sports, how did Big Pup do at T-ball practice yesterday? Did the weather clear up enough to go?

  2. I don't get this post. So many questions. How did ES injure his back? What do you mean Setzer left after lap 60? Where did he go? Don't even get me started with those prizes you mentioned. And did I know Big Pup had tball practice?

  3. It's about time you came back, Angie! I was starting to wonder where you had got to! That would have been my next question!OH Boy, I hope I didn't get you into trouble, Allison!

  4. Do I need a "Ask the Lazy Dog" post? Big pup's practice consisted of the coach telling everyone when practice will be from now on. That's it. 5 minutes I will never get back. His next real practice will be Thursday.
    ES injured his back working out, I think, and then made it worse by playing golf. It was clear that ES was going to run the whole race so Setzer's services were not needed.
    As for the prizes, several tracks award distinctive trophies that represent the region. The pole winners at the Texas races get a couple of handguns. And I think a cowboy hat.


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