Thursday, March 20, 2008

National Chocolate Week

Why didn't anyone tell me that it's National Chocolate Week? I could've been celebrating all week. I would've started out with a Hershey bar on Monday, then maybe a Dove bar on Tuesday, and Wednesday...well, don't get me started on Wednesday. It seems that yesterday was National Chocolate Caramel Day and since I had no idea I didn't get to do my civic duty and eat a whole box of turtles. I guess I'll just have to wait until December 16th for National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.

Oh, well, I still have a couple of days left to celebrate but next year I will certainly be more prepared.

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  1. Oh Dear! What a dilemma! I was soooo lucky enough to fine out on the first day! I have had my fill of chocolate bliss all week! I will try to remind you next year! God Bless America with all of these wonderful things!

  2. oops, their is no way to correct typos here! fine needs to be find! I must try harder, after I am on the blog of a person who is an English major!

  3. AND tomorrow is Good Friday--a day of fast. I wonder, does hot chocolate and chocolate shakes count as food? Hmmmm... :)

    Don't worry about making typos--I make plenty in my posts and rely on WD to point out the errors, but sometimes he doesn't catch them all.

  4. Fasting is taking nothing but fluids right? Well, in my job, there is 2 types of liquid diets; A clear liquid diet, and a full liquid diet. Hot chocolate, and chololate shakes are in the full liquid category. They probably did not have that wonderful choice when they made the rules of lent, did they??

  5. Fasting is having only one full meal a day. And actually you can have breakfast and lunch but they can't add up to equal a full meal. Under those rules I probably "fast" most days of the week. There's no snacking allowed but all liquids are permitted. So bring on the hot chocolate!

  6. I must confess that I've never been one to get over-excited by chocolate. It's something I can take or leave. I'm sorry if that upsets anyone's view that I'm well in touch with my feminine side. I'm afraid that when it comes to the brown sticky stuff, I'm quite happy to let David Lebovitz do the talking for me.My home-made Catalan chocolate, olive oil and salt dishOn the other hand, there are some female food bloggers out there to whom I can deny nothing. These are women who have so gained my affections that they only have to ask to get a positive response from me.



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