Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

Awwwww.....look how cute my boys are. And Big pup is actually letting me take his picture! Just this once, because it's Easter, he said.

You know, it never fails, we are always thisclose to being late for church. I've tried getting everyone up extra early but we still get there right at the buzzer. I've even tried pretending that church starts 15 minutes early but that doesn't help either. I thought this past Sunday was going to be different. Everyone finished their breakfast quickly. Everyone got dressed on time. I thought we might actually be early for a change.

But then Big pup fell in the potty.

While I was combing Little pup's hair in the bathroom, Big pup came in to show me his new truck that he got for Easter. He sat down on the toilet but the lid and seat were up and he fell in. Needless to say, his pants and underwear were soaked. As WD put new underwear on him, I dried his pants with the hairdryer.
Then I took a quick picture of them out in the front yard with their Easter baskets and we raced to church. And, as usual, we made it just in time.

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  1. Ha, Ha, Ha! Robert and I really enjoyed that story about getting the little boys dressed into their best Easter clothes! They look very handsome in their good clean clothes! I enjoyed all of the easter photos, and the one of you all together! Thanks for the Easter Day call at work, WD! It was nice to hear from you.


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