Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's Do Brunch

Ooooooh, look what I found! It's a plate. A salad plate. A Mikasa Duplex Brunch salad plate designed by Ben Seibel circa 1971. Jealous? Anyone? No?

There's a flea market a few miles away from our house. The last time I was in there was about 6 years ago and all I remember was that all they had was a bunch of junk. A couple of Saturdays ago, WD and I stopped by there on a whim and I'm so glad that we did. There was still a ton of junk we had to make our way through, but as I neared the exit, I saw this plate and had to have it. It was $3.50. I'd say that's a bargain considering that there's only minor imperfections--bleeding/fading colors. There's no chips or breaks, thankfully. I know that with the internet these days you can find anything and everything but there's something about that perfect flea market find that's irreplaceable.

Oh, and if anyone is looking for 247 Kevin Nash (of WCW fame) magnets, I know just the place that has them.

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