Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The creative well runneth dry here at the home of the lazy dog. So I thought I'd share some text messages I've received over the past couple of months.

If u come over bring socks.

Turn on The View. Its Laurie Berkner.

Heres ur one chance fancy don't let me down.

Tell the boys the moon is 0% full.

Once again how long to micro a potato?

Giada is using kroger cream cheese.

Found socks so no hurry.

Scintillating, no? That was rhetorical! So don't answer that--unless you also think it's AMAZING that Giada De Laurentiis uses Kroger brand cream cheese--then you can answer!

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  1. I am old fashioned, and not up with modern technology very well, and modern terminology! So,..... what does MOTD stand for?
    Mother of the Day? I'd vote for that!
    Moment of the Day? Yes, I empathise with you!

  2. MOTD--Message of the day :)

  3. Thanks for enlightening me!


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