Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WD Smells Like Ben Gay

Just thought I'd post some pictures of our trail ride from Sunday. The weather was much better than last time. The sun was out and it wasn't near as cold as it was in February. There was also much more to look at this time around. The dogwoods were in bloom, the butterflies were flitting about, deer were crossing the trails in front of us, etc.

This is where we stopped for lunch. I had put together some Italian subs and threw them in the cooler with some grapes and bottled water. While everyone marvelled at the beauty of the wilderness, WD marvelled at what an awesome sandwich he was eating. Then he wanted to renew our vows and create lots more Italian subs.

Oh look! It's Gramma Judy taking a picture of me, taking a picture of Gramma Judy! Check out that rocky terrain. Imagine that at a 45 degree slope. Would you want to go up that? Well, I wouldn't. And that's the point during the trip WD became very frustrated with me. He didn't really say anything because his parents were with us but he did give me a look. The kind of look he gives me when I interrupt him to ask, "Where's Afghanistan?" Just for that, I think I'll make him wait awhile for another sandwich.

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  1. did you have to put on Ben Gay? His Dad and I didn't have to! I wonder why?? :) Thanks for telling me the beautiful story about the Dogwood tree flower. I had heard that it represented the death of Jesus, but never looked at a flower that close before! Yes, that was a wonderful trail ride, and I am looking forward to going again!

  2. Judy, no ben gay for me! WD was hurting from the previous days ride with his brother. I like trail rides that are slow and easy which means I won't be going on any more I guess :(


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