Monday, April 14, 2008


I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.
---Alfred, Lord Tennyson

No need to look at your calendars, it is indeed Nascar Monday--not Poetry Friday. Unfortunately.

I don't know what's worse. Watching Elliott Sadler struggle through a race and finish badly or watch him drive the best race all season and still finish badly. According to Tennyson, the latter is the better situation. Still hurts, though. He started on the outside pole and was running in 4th place when he had engine problems at lap 163. He finished 41st and dropped to 23rd in the standings.

Jimmie Johnson gets the win, Ryan Newman gets the red lantern, and Nascar is taking a break for Little pup's birthday party on Sunday but will return in 2 weeks at Talledega.

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  1. I wondered what happened to Elliot Sadler at the end of the race.


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