Monday, October 13, 2008


I was reading a bedtime story to the boys last night when I heard barking in the backyard. It takes a lot for huskies to actually bark so I looked out the window and saw them focused on 2 copperheads. WD killed the snakes but not before Howard got bit. I called the vet and she said he'd be fine so I did some googling and found out that copperhead bites to dogs weren't fatal. I relayed all this info to Howard but he wasn't buying it. Like any husky, he was VERY vocal about how much pain he was in. I felt so bad for him. If he would've asked me for a pony I would have bought one.

It's Nascar Monday!

The race was in Charlotte Saturday night. The bad thing about night races is that they usually end past my bedtime. And sure enough, I fell asleep on the couch with about 50 laps to go. How old am I that I can't stay up past 10 o'clock these days? Next thing you know I'll start buying metamucil and reusing aluminum foil.

Elliott Sadler's car was a little on the loose side. Actually, I think he said it was "out of control." He finished 20th. Jimmie Johnson is still leading in points but not by a landslide. It's looking to be an exciting finish to the championship with just 5 races to go.

Jeff Burton gets the win, A.J. Allmendinger gets the red lantern, and we're in Martinsville next Sunday.

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  1. I'm with Jay. You are one tough woman to talk so cavalierly about snakes. I'd be freaking out and running around shouting "SNAKES! SNAKES!" Just like the time a two inch water snake was found in our front yard. Ali, you're the bravest person with a snake that I know.

  2. Awww the poor baby!
    You have a beautiful boy!
    I HATE snakes. So weird for them to still be out!
    So glad I moved out of the country so they're not so many here in the city.
    Poor baby, give him a hug for me :(

  3. I am sorry to hear the Howard was bitten and so glad to hear that despite the pain he is going to be alright. Are copperheads venomous for humans?

  4. Sorry to hear about the snake bite. That must have been scary. Snakes terrify me.

  5. Ahhh, poor puppy. Just the name cooperhead scares me.

  6. Oh, poor Howard! :o(! I would have been scared for him too, with that snake bite! How long did the pain last? Both of your huskies are beautiful, lovely natured dogs!
    Nana and I enjoyed visiting with them the other day!
    Sorry about Elliot Sadler's car! Yes, it will be exciting, 5 races to go!

  7. He didn't ask for a pony, but what did he ask for? Maybe a gigantic dog biscuit with peanut butter on it?

    'Reusing aluminum foil' - haha

  8. Oh no, poor little guy. Found you on MomBloggers club. I do like your design!

  9. Poor little guy! I killed a copperhead about 3 weeks ago. I DON"T DO SNAKES....

  10. omg I don't know if I could deal w/ snakes, your poor dog. I would have complained too if I got bit.

  11. Hi Ali!
    Really enjoying your blog. The paw print design is genius! (You also had me with the pie recipe and great photo... yum!) Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. Hope to see ya again soon!
    :) Robin
    cinnamon & honey


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