Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Creepy Crawlies Part 2

California, Florida, Australia, Zxhrbsyllkjwn. I keep forgetting y'all aren't my neighbors. I got a couple of comments the other day about spiders not being an issue for them at this time of the year. And seeing as how I'm surrounded by them, I decided to show the good people of Zxhrbsyllkjwn just what they're missing in Arkansas in October.

And that's just what is outside. Here's what I get to deal with INSIDE MY HOUSE:

To read part 1 of the Creepy Crawlies, which includes my first encounter with a scorpion, please read Go Away, I'm Eating.

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  1. Do you know what type that first spider is? I have one of those outside my living room window and I have been wondering. Hoping it is a boy spider because I don't want any baby spiders running around here!

  2. Wait, are you SERIOUS? You truly have all that creepy sh&#????????? OMG I will never, ever complain about ants again.
    -Signed, Happy to be in PA

  3. Here the HECK do you live? I could not sleep with all that around me!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ok, now we do have the lovely spiders but the scorpians no way jose!!!!

  5. We have plenty of spiders here in Illinois, but as long as they are outside my home I am fine. It's once they come inside that we have a problem. Ewwww!!!

  6. OMG OMG OMG! we get a ton of spiders here in FL, but most of them aren't the size of small PONIES!!!

  7. I had to skim really quickly through all of that.

  8. I could not live their! I thought Florida was bad! The one thing I loved about England was the lack of spiders. We killed a black widow in our house last week and I am still sqeamish (is that a word?) about it.

  9. eeeks those look like spiders out of movies. I have never seen ones like that in person. We get these little tiny ones that don't compare to those.

  10. Seriously? I would have daily heart attacks! Maybe you should relocate? LOL!

  11. What ARE those things? I'm terrified that they might be scorpions. THAT CAN'T BE TRUE. TELL ME IT'S NOT TRUE!

  12. Wheezer--It's called a yellow garden spider and I can't decide if it's pretty or disgusting!

    Sue--I will trade all this creepiness for ants!

    Brittany--Tell me about it! I freak out when the keyboard cord grazes my foot underneath the desk. I just know it's a scorpion!

    LeAnn--And this is after we've had pest control spray the house!

    Dawn--I think they should start paying rent if they're gonna be inside!

    April--Aren't they huge! Frankly, I'm very surprised that I'm still alive:)

    Angie--I shuddered the whole time I was uploading the pics:)

    JennP--I'm moving to England.

    Kristen--The exterminator did remind me of John Goodman...

    Jenni--Yep, I think they're trying to drive me out:)

    Jenboglass--Oh, but they are! I used to love jumping over those things in the greatest video game ever: Pitfall!

  13. Yeah, I recognize some of those, especially the scorpion. ewhhh! Here in Southern Arizona they are everywhere. When my some was 3, he was stung by a scorpion while sleeping in his bed. Imagine waking up to a child screaming and telling you that "a stick stuck him"! I was told my poison control that my zip code has one of the highest incident of scorpion stings.

    Now we get the house exterminated every month.

  14. Okay, that is terrifying. AHHH!!!

  15. I now never want to move to Arkansas! lol I can't believe those scorpions actually come into your HOUSE! I lived in Nevada for the first 20 years of my life where we were supposed to have lots of them and they never ever came in our house. I would be moving far far away! :)

  16. Oh man...I have the &$^%ing heebiejeebies now...

    Love your blog though!



  17. OMG! {{speechless}}

    I'm from Michigan- we have none of those scary, hairy critters with pinchers. OMG. {{shudder}}


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