Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Behavior

Last year, when Big pup was in Kindergarten, students would pull slips when they were in trouble. This year, in first grade, the teacher writes the student's name on the board as a warning. And check marks are added if the bad behavior continues. Big pup has decided to implement this system of discipline in our own home. He keeps a sheet of paper on the refrigerator and if you do something wrong, he writes your name on the "board."

And no one is safe. Not even our huskies, Howard and Lexie. I believe they got their names on the board for sleeping past 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Apparently, that's a no-no.

But just look at how many check marks WD has. Eleven! I think that 8 of those check marks were a result of WD tackling me to the floor. Big pup doesn't like that. I don't either.

It's nice to know that Big pup is looking out for me. Even if he did give me a check mark for not having dinner ready at exactly 5 o'clock.

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  1. AWW Big Pup is looking out for his mama! My girls love to come home and give out tallies (that is their discipline system at school)

  2. Oh, I am rolling! That is so funny. What happens when you get checks? I vote time-out. Lot's of Mommy Time Out in your room with a good book.

  3. LOL I wonder what I'd get checks for? Probably for asking the kids to put on pajamas and brush teeth. *sigh*

  4. I love it when kids follow what adults say, it is pretty funny. Will told me the other day that I was making him nervous, I think I say that a lot to him.

  5. Big Pup, is so sweet. Little boys just love their Mommy!! lol!

  6. LeAnn--I'm sure you've gotten a few tallies then?!

    Heidi--He "paddles" us:) I'm so going to suggest a time out though!

    Merrie--Yep. One of my check marks was because I told him not to leave his bicycle in the middle of the sidewalk:)

    Kristen--Lol! I'm surprised mine don't walk around saying that too!

    Judy--Yes, until you don't have dinner ready in a timely manner:)

  7. How cute is that, he is a disciplinarian already your boy!!

    Love the new blog header, very cute indeed!! :)

  8. How cute! We haven't gotten to a check mark system, but my oldest (22mo) does try to discipline his little brother (6mo). Usually by grabbing his pacifier away and yelling 'no!'. Heh.


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