Friday, September 19, 2008

Hairy Face and Mister Baldy

I'm changing things up a little today. Instead of posting a poem for this edition of Poetry Friday, I'm posting a video. It's an animated video of Maurice Kilwein Guevara reading his poem Dona Josefina Counsels Dona Concepcion Before Entering Sears. I like how he addresses a serious and unfortunate problem we have in the United States regarding stereotypes but still manages to produce an amusing poem.

Or maybe I found it so amusing because I used to work at Sears. When I worked there, everytime you needed to use any equipment (price guns, for example) you had to give them your car keys as collateral. Isn't that...amusing?

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  1. That was fun! Love your new blog look did you do it yourself?

  2. Car keys as collaterol !!! You've got to be kidding. I don't even know what to say.

  3. LeAnn--Thanks LeAnn! Yep, I did it myself and I thnk I only banged my head against the desk twice:)

    Debateur--I wish I were kidding! It's funny to think about it now but back then? Not so much.

  4. That was a funny video, Ali! Especially funny since you used to work at Sears! Wow, collecting your car keys as collaterol for the equipment you had to use!! Sears, didn't have much faith in their employees?

  5. I used to work at Penneys. We looked down our nose at the Sears folks. I'm flashing my Penney's gang sign to you right now, you just can't see it...

  6. Seriously!?!?!? Does Sears have a price gun theft problem?

  7. I love it. And collecting keys as collateral weren't those people paying you? When I worked retail we carried clear handbags so there was no chance of theft. Although I am sure savvy thieves got around that.

    The poem was so good and it is too bad that stereotypes still exist - Miss Conception.

  8. Judy--The feeling was mutual, actually!

    Jennifer--Believe me, you were right to look down your noses at us Sears folk:)

    Brittany--Lol, Sears had a lot of problems, price gun theft was the least of them!

    Renee--My sister still works there and they now have to carry clear lunch bags, too. I hear it's met with A LOT of resistance:)


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