Monday, September 29, 2008


It's Nascar Monday! Nascar not your thing? Nail polish is? Read all about it over at Angie's pretty purse.

What a busy weekend! We took a whirlwind 24 hour vacation in Oklahoma where we spent A Day Out with Thomas the Tank Engine. The boys had such a great time that Big pup wants to live there when he grows up. That's fine. As long as he visits me every Saturday to mow my lawn. I didn't have boys for nothing you know!

On to the race! Elliott Sadler had a great run in Kansas yesterday. He started 4th and finished 10th. I don't think he ran worse than 12th the whole race. His team is the most inconsistent team ever. How can they place 10th one week, 24th another, and 34th a couple races before that? I don't get it.

The final lap was exciting. Carl Edwards passed Jimmie Johnson on the inside, went high, scraped the wall which slowed him down enough for JJ to retake the lead and the win. JJ leads the Chase for the Cup with 7 races to go.

Jimmie Johnson gets the win, Martin Truex Jr. gets the red lantern, and we're in Talladega next Sunday.

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  1. 24 hours in OK...that's some excitement right there. ;) I've only spent a few days in OK, and it made me want to never go back. But that might have something to do with the odd people I was visiting. Perhaps I just don't ever want to visit them again.

  2. Wow you did have a fast and furious weekend! Glad the pups like Thomas :)
    I did see where Jimmy Johnson passed JJ and then ran into the wall or scraped it. See you have made a NASCAR fan out of me...

  3. The Home of the Lazy Dog, especially the Mom, and Dad made us big Nascar fans too!! lol! It is, or can be contagious! Then we discovered Mark, and Michelle love Nascar! And I always knew about my sister and Brother-in-laws dedication to Nascar!
    Thrilled to hear about Elliot Sadler's good race! And very thrilled to hear about the pups wonderful time in OK, with Thomas the tank Engine! Wish I was there to see that!:o)

  4. I'm a closet Nascar fan. My neighbor babysat Jimmy Johnson when he was a wee one. She changed the diaper of greatness.

  5. Sounds like the boys had a blast in OK, lol about BP wanting to live there, maybe he can be the head engineer of Thomas when he grows up...I wonder how many little boys would dream of that!!

    Hmm I never thought of getting the boys back to mow the lawns, good thing I have 3 of them I guess!! haha

  6. Here is NASCAR. I missed it. Funny, since I have never watched NASCAR but somehow I look forward to these posts. Is that weird? I guess you just bring it to life for me. You may have another NASCAR convert soon!

  7. Merrie--That could be it:) You should've seen it through my boys' eyes, everything was SO! EXCITING! lol

    LeAnn--Come on over Leann!

    Judy--I'll get pics up soon!

    Jen--I know someone who knows someone who knows Jimmie Johnson?! I'm gonna need your autograph please.

    Rebecca--If it's possible he wants to combine train driver with being a policeman!

    Renee--Yay! Then we can ALL talk about how cute Elliott Sadler is--I mean, how good a driver he is, ahem.


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