Monday, September 15, 2008

New Hampshire

Angie's talkin' perfume today. Gwen Stefani's perfume to be exact. Check it out!

Yesterday's race was in New Hampshire. A track where Elliott Sadler finished 5th back in June. Unfortunately, he got nowhere near that yesterday. I'm not sure what happened because I didn't have access to his in-car audio but within the first few laps he dropped 10 positions. That's not good. He ended up finishing 24th. That's not good either. Especially at this point in the season where you're going for the win, not points.

Carl Edwards and Jimmie Johnson are tied for the lead with 9 races to go.

Oh, by the way, John McCain is courting the Nascar crowd. He was at yesterday's race and said a few words. But don't ask me what he said though. I was too busy wondering why Cindy McCain wore pearls to a race track.

Greg Biffle gets the win, Joe Nemechek gets the red lantern, and we're at Dover International Speedway next Sunday.

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  1. lol on Cindy McCain. Yeah, she never looks really comfortable, does she? Thankfully, I don't see her as one of those first ladies that thinks she's half president.

  2. Too funny about Cindy Mccain and her pearls. Hey did you get any bad weather? Our family got it pretty bad in Hot Springs.

  3. pearls to the race track, that is funny. She always is dressed up!

  4. Merrie--I was hoping that she would give the command to start the race but no such luck! She was happy to just "stand by her man!"

    LeAnn--We got some rain up here and a little wind but not as much as with Gustav. Hope you guys stayed dry!

    Kristen--What's really funny is that she wore her pearls with a baseball (nascar) cap!

  5. John Mccain was at Nascar? And Cindy wore pearls? Had to be a first!


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