Monday, September 22, 2008


Angie's talking about Sarah Jessica Parker over at my pretty purse. I think I'm probably 1 out of 15 people who never watched SATC.

Hey, do you have a 4 year old running around your house? If you do, ask him/her to say the name "Bobby Labonte." It's very entertaining.

I had to do something to entertain me yesterday during the NASCAR race at Dover. Elliott Sadler had a another disappointing day and his in-car audio was messed up so I don't even know what what the problem was. He started 12th and finished 27th.

Carl Edwards is in the lead with 8 races remaining.

Greg Biffle gets the win (for the second week in a row), Kyle Busch gets the red lantern (that's too bad. I'm not a fan but he deserves the Cup), and we're in Kansas next Sunday.

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  1. The only SATC I watch are the reruns, and I rarely watch those. I did enjoy the movie on the big screen though.

    I had my 4-year-old son, who has speech issues, say Bobby Labonte, and it was a hoot! Too funny! :-)

  2. Ali you aren't alone I have never seen any of the SATC shows/movies

  3. Thanks for the tip -- I didn't know the movie comes out Tuesday. I'll be at Target if you need me!!

  4. Ali, How did LP get on with Bobby Labonte? lol! I enjoyed the Nascar race on Sunday! The winner kept on changing! It was full of surprises, and we were thrilled with how Mark Martin did, of course!:o) So sorry to see Eliot Sadlers bad luck though! He looked so good for a while!

  5. I watched SATC the last few seasons, I had to see what the hype was and I did like it, I liked seeing all the wacky stuff Sarah Jessica Parker wore.

  6. Dawn--I really meant to watch the reruns but could never catch when they were on! How funny you asked your son to say Bobby Labonte! I could do it all day!

    LeAnn--Yes! Now I don't feel so alone!

    Merrie--Maybe I should give the movie a try since it might stand alone?

    Judy--LP eventually got it right! Good for Mark Martin!

    Kristen--Wacky is right! I don't how she got away with wearing all that stuff!

  7. I have never watched SATC either, but they are all on my Netflix list to watch eventually. lol

  8. I have never watched SATC either -- are you keeping a tally? :)


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