Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Before And After

This is before you tell a 4 year old, "Do NOT touch the bird egg!"

And this is after you tell a 4 year old, "Do NOT touch the bird egg!"

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  1. I am sorry but i am laughing so hard right now. I guess that is the difference between having all girls vs all boys. My girls would have tried to pick it up and put it back in the nest. I love it!!

  2. ROTFL!! That just cracked me up!
    tollesons4him, had a good point, about the differences between girls and boys! I remember finding a birds egg, and gently picking it up, and placing it very gently back in the nest! lol! But, I can just immagine LP doing something like that! He is so precious! Nothing like learning the hard way, as long as you don't get hurt.

  3. Aww, that is so sad. It was a pretty egg.

  4. Was it a robins egg I wonder, typical little lot would have done the same thing. lol

  5. I would like mine scrambled please.

    OK, bad joke, but it is a bit funny.

  6. LeAnn--LP was not laughing at all! He knew he did something wrong and went inside and crawled underneath the coffee table!

    Judy--I must admit, I do understand the temptation to break it. I used to do that to my mom's Christmas ornaments growing up!

    Merrie--Yep. And then I had to get a picture of it:)

    Renee--I know! I want that color of blue on my bedroom walls:)

    Rebecca--Good to know I'm not the only one with an egg squasher!

    Heidi--Lol! The ants enjoyed a very nice lunch that day!

  7. Precisely! You might as well have said "go throw in in the street!"

  8. That is funny, Ali! I did not know that about you! LOL! Was your sister also like to break your mother's christmas decorations too? lol!


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