Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Me? Quirky?

About 10 years ago Janina and Kristen tagged me for a meme. And when I say 10 years I really mean 3 weeks. I've done this meme before but sadly, I have lots and lots of quirks. And if you really want to read some good ones, check out i am neurotic. It's a site where you can submit your neurosis. I like it. It makes me feel normal.

1. I don't know if it's because I'm a mom, or a "household manager," or a former waitress, but after finishing a meal at a restaurant I tend to clean up the table as much as a I can.

2. I don't know if I can explain this properly but I like for all the light switches in a room to be in the right order. The on position is up and the off position is down. Not the other way around.

3. While driving on a 2 lane highway, I get offended when someone passes me. It makes me feel like they're criticizing my driving skills.

4. I like to deconstruct candy bars. Especially snickers. I first eat the outside chocolate, then the bottom layer, and then the peanut/caramel layer.

5. I went through a phase where I never licked envelopes. I didn't want the government to have access to my DNA. Then I wised up. They probably already have it. "They" are very sneaky.

6. I like to organize the shopping carts that are outside in a cart corral.

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  1. I always clean up at the restaurant when I have my kids with me, I feel bad for making such a huge mess!!

  2. I too clean up at a restaurant, I don't want the waitress or waiters to think we are messy. And I agree with you on the passing part, I can't stand to have anyone pass me even on a 4 lane hwy. Good post!

  3. #1 - I clean up too. I don't mind making their job a little easier. Plus, I have more room then.

    #4 - I do that with pb cups.

    #6 - Yeah, you're crazy for that.

  4. I like these random facts! =)

    I like bussing our table when we eat out: scarping off food into ONE plate, and piling all the plates and other dishes and utensils.

    Of course, only in restaurants where this is "OK". ;)

  5. I think the cleaning up at a restaurant is definitely a mom thing, because I do it too! (Especially when I am leaving a less than hefty tip! LOL)

  6. I get offended when someone passes me on the highway also, funny.

  7. Thanks so much for your kind words about kitty yesterday they meant a lot. Yesterday was a really hard day.

    Your comment about the Snickers really made me laugh !

  8. I'm sorry, I was previously unaware that we were soulmates. Please forgive this oversight.

    And so you know, I was never a waitress, and I always gather all garbage and pile it onto the top of a giant stack of all the dishes on the table. I even wipe the crumbs up. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but she has started doing it somewhat. I get in people's heads like that.

    The only difference is that I don't like deconstructing candy bars, but only because it would be very messy and get my fingers all sticky (which I hate). However, it is quite fun to strip a peanut M&M down to its vulnerable little core before eating it. That really puts it in its place.

  9. I'm funny about Twix. I like to eat the top caramel half first, and then the cookie. If only they'd make just the cookie for me. Mmmmm.

  10. That was a fun post, Ali! I think I can identify with 3 of your neuroses! 1. I think it goes along with you being a Mom! I like to do it too. 4. I also like to deconstruct candy bars, and cookies. 6. I always return our cart to the cart corral, and while I'm there, it straighten them all up a little bit! :o)

  11. Jen--I even pick stuff up off the floor!

    LeAnn--Re: passing, I always think people have some preconceived notion of minivans being slow. I'll show them!

    Angie--I will organize shopping carts but not my own closet. Yeah, I think I may be crazy!

    TS--I even pay attention to the waiters to see if they put utensils in the glasses or not!

    Petra--That counts as part of the tip, doesn't it?!

    Kristen--I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    Debateur--You are welcome:) Hang in there:)

    Dan--But I had you pegged as a waitress! I forgot to mention that I refrigerate my snickers bars. Less mess. More intense quirk.

    Merrie--Mmmm, Twix. Another fave!

    Judy--Even Little pup told me to straighten up more while we were at Walmart the other day!

  12. Oh, that is so cute. Your boys are both wonderful little boys! both, different, and both amazing in their own way!

  13. I have a thing where if my husband moves furniture or re-arranges kitchen utensils without negotiating with me first. He knows it too. He will tell me but he prefaces it with "Now, I know you're gonna go all Rainman on me but.." And then I do...literally like "five minutes to Wopner!!" style!
    I'm glad I'm not the only neurotic one out there....very very cute post!

  14. #5, yes, you are wise to consider that. Yet now you have tipped them off.

    Be very, very careful...

  15. Judy--Why, thank you!

    Mary Ann--I know that feeling! I never, never, ever let WD empty the dishwasher for me. There's no telling where my soup ladle will end up!

    Elizabeth--And now the government wants me to put my fingerprint on my drivers license. For my safety OR for their records? Hmmmmm.

  16. I gave up on cleaning. My girl looks like an explosion when we're at a restaurant. I've realized there's not much I can do about it!

  17. I deconstruct my milky ways...eat the choc from the top and sides and then the nuggety stuff from the bottom and leave the delish caramel for last. YUM!

  18. Ok, I just stumbled upon your blog and realized that we might be soul mates! I totally do everything that you do! I love the blogsphere for getting us together. We need to have a sleepover and do each others' hair!


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