Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anniversary Week: The Dress

I loved my dress! It didn't take me long to find it either. I knew exactly what I wanted. A sheath style dress with a headband veil. I tried on several just to humor the saleslady but the second I tried this on I knew it was the one. I wasn't crazy about the detachable cathedral length train though. But looking back, I'm glad my mother made me wear it I decided to wear it. Very Princess Diana-like, don't you think? And if there's one day when you're allowed to be a princess it's your wedding day.

Remember the Friends episode where Monica, Phoebe and Rachel are all lounging around in wedding dresses? Yeah. I'd like to do that. Except I can't fit into mine anymore. Must've been all those little cocktail smokies I ate at the reception.

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  1. I love the photo! A masterpiece in the museum. That is really great. You looked beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful picture of you on your wedding day! I too wish I could fit into mine, but hopefully one of these days having 2 girls one will want to wear my dress.

  3. It is a beautiful photo! Love the train! Very Princess Diana looking!
    That was a great little story!:o)
    Lovely, funny memories! What are you and WD planning to do this week to celebrate?

  4. I love the photo. My aunt and uncle sent out a picture like that with their newest grandchild. Fun!

    It is a beautiful dress! I too am glad your mom made you wear the train.

    I got a good giggle out of the cocktail weenie comment. Yum!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! We used to live in NW Arkansas. What area are you in? We really loved it there!

  6. That's a beautiful photo and no my wedding dress doesn't fit anymore either. I love the train.

  7. Renee--Thank you!

    LeAnn--I need to have girl too so she can wear it!

    Judy--Thanks! We're going out for chinese food Friday night:)

    Dawn--There's nothing better than cocktail weenies!

    Hollie--We're about an hour East of Fort Smith. I can't imagine living anywhere else!

    Debateur--Thanks and I'm sooooo glad I wore the train:)

  8. what a pretty dress! I had a really long train also. I love that Friends episode, I miss that show.

  9. Kristen--I was just waiting for a reason to put that episode of Friends on my blog! I love it too and I think I've watched that clip 4 times already!

  10. I totally and completely loved watching this at work today. I have most episodes memorized, and this one is a fave. I love the way Rachel says "Joshua" at the end. Josh-ooh-ah. Too funny!


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