Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Love You More

Last year I wrote about Little pup being such a mommas boy. And he still is. A very loving and affectionate momma's boy. Here's a typical exchange between myself and Little pup that may happen 2 or 3 times a day:

Me: What?
LP: I love you.
Me: I love you more.
LP: I love you more than that!

Isn't that sweet?
Well, one day I was reading Kristen's blog and she had just designed a new necklace inspired by her son and their own I love you more moment. And of course I had to have that necklace! So I patiently waited until my anniversary so I could justify buying myself jewelry and I've worn it everyday since it came in the mail. I love it! It's the perfect way to commemorate these special memories I'll have of the boys. Thanks Kristen!

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  1. aaaaaww! What a beautiful way to cherish those precious times with LP! He really a sweet young boy!

  2. I like the necklace I can't wait until next week to order mine for my b-day. I have no idea which one to choose I love ALL of her stuff.

    I have something for you on my blog.

  3. Such a pretty necklace! Does the little one like it too?

  4. I Love it! My husband and I always say that to each other.

  5. so glad you like it, that piece holds special meaning for me also.

  6. Judy--Thanks!

    LeAnn--Thanks for the award! I know, she has too much to choose from!

    Angie--He likes but he always wants to make up his own words when he "reads" it:)

    Jenn--That's sweet:)

    Beki--I had to have evidence of his sweetness because in 10 years or so I'll probably need to read this post!

    Kristen--Thank you again!

  7. That is a beautiful necklace - Kristen's jewelry is so nice.

  8. Hi Ali!
    This is my 1st time visiting your blog...very cute! A lazy dog that loves donuts...nothing wrong with that ;-) I found you because I have an affection for the phrase "I Love You More" too! I've even written a book about it and it happens to be a story of love shared between a mother and son (though litle girls and dads love it too). I just thought I'd stop by and tell you about it just in case you don't already have it...I think you and your boys will *love* it!
    Have a bright and blessed lifetime!
    Keep Shining!
    Laura Duksta
    author, NY Times Bestseller, I Love You More

  9. Poppycock! You spend long days and nights taking care of a kid. You don't need no stinkin' anniversary to DESERVE jewelry! You deserve it EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!! And don't you forget it.


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