Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Need A Doughnut

We have survived almost 2 weeks of school now. And you know what? First grade is really, really, really kicking my butt. Really. You know that saying, Everything you need to know in life you learn in Kindergarten? Tell that to first grade teachers.

Big pup's grades aren't so good right now. He's gotten a few A's but this week he brought home a C and a D. And making him do his homework results in a lot of crying, arguing, bribes, and threats (No Max and Ruby for you!). I'm hoping that it's just a matter of adjustment, that he'll get into the groove of things and his grades will improve. After all, it has only been 2 weeks. But it's been a hard 2 weeks and I could sure use a doughnut. Or two. Or twelve.

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  1. My daughter Ali is in 1st grade now, and getting her to do her homework is a major chore. It makes me wish I could just do it for her, so I didn't have to endure all the screaming and crying. Ugh! I am sure in a week or two we will just be in a natural flow of things, but in the meantime, I am getting about a hundred more gray hairs a day. That is not a good thing!

  2. Poor pup, I do know what your going through though, Er is in 4th this year and they have homework every night but Wed. and I have to make her do her homework. We have lots of snot and tears and I always tell her if you just sit down and do it with out all of this you could be finished by now but instead you are throwing a fit.

  3. All I can say is: God Bless Mothers!!! and this too will pass!
    It sure is tough, gut wrenching at the time though!

  4. A-D grades in First? Wow. That doesn't sound so great when there's so much for them to be learning. Isn't school hard enough? I hope he feels better about it all soon. I know the homework routine can be a pain.

  5. My oldest is in first grade, he started a week or so ago. He hasn't been having too many problems. Did yell at his dad after learning about graphs. He heard a lot of words he didn't know(referring to graphs) and wanted to know why he didn't already know them.

    Hopefully next week will be easier for all of you!

  6. Dawn--I think we were spoiled by how easy Kindergarten was!

    LeAnn--You mean this can still go on through the 4th grade?!

    Judy--Amen to that:)

    Merrie--That is a lot of pressure for a 1st grader isn't it?!

    Erin--Oh, no. Graphs. We haven't gotten to those yet:)

  7. he is too cute, all ready for school such a big boy!

  8. Kristen--That was one of the few days he actually was excited to go to school!

  9. First grade is such a tough adjustment; it's just not like kindergarten!

    He's so cute wearing his backpack and carrying his lunch, though!


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