Friday, August 8, 2008


You know what I've missed about the boys? Not their squabbling that's for sure. I've missed tucking them in at night after they've gone to sleep. If there were any hard feelings after a day of bad attitudes, sass, and insolence it all disappears when I see their sweet, peaceful little faces. I always have to rearrange them. Little pup is always stuck right up against his brother and Big pup is never on his pillow. I think this poem by Sharon Olds says it all. Here's Looking At Them Asleep

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  1. This is so cute! I am just realizing I need to let my boys sleep together instead of putting them in seperate beds.

  2. So how are you doing with them being gone? My girls used to share a room but my oldest one decided she was too old for her sister to share her room so we moved her into her own room.

  3. Wow- thank you for that poem. I just snapped at my girls for annoying me - but I think I'll go give 'em a snuggle. :)

  4. They are too cute. How funny that you posted this picture. I have a photo of my little one sleeping on my blog today too.

  5. What an adorable photo of your boys!!
    Do they always sleep together, I think my boys would kill each other if they were in the same bed. lol

    I absolutely feel the same way about my punks....urr kids...they drive me mental during the day but when I go in every single night to kiss them goodnight I look at those angelic little sleeping faces and all the days horrors disappear.

    You always find the best poems and quotes too!

  6. Great post, I needed this today. After a day filled w/ tantrums you are right you look at their little faces while they are sleeping and think how innocent... but then they wake up. Nice poem!

  7. Brittany--It's the only way I could get them to stay in bed at night!

    LeAnn--They came home a day early when they decided they didn't want to go to a truck race. I'm not complaining!

    Sue--How can kids be so irritating and yet so sweet?!

    Renee--Little Mekhi is a cutie!

    Rebecca--I'm thinking I got at least a couple more years until Big pup wants his bed back!

    Kristen--Right, they wake up demanding breakfast and complaining if it's not what they want!

  8. Awww . My two older boys have started sleeping together. Its a comfort thing!

  9. Mommie Mayhem--Better them than us, right?!


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