Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Text Messages

Yesterday, WD's dad and stepmom made the 3 hour drive from their house to ours, collected the boys, and took them back home with them. Without me. Then, on Saturday, WD will pick them up and take them to Tennessee to watch a truck race. Without me.

So while I disappear under my desk with a tube of cookie dough and try not to think about my babies being a WHOLE STATE AWAY from me, please enjoy some text messages I've received/sent out recently.

1. Home. Butts r sore!
2. Indigo girls june 10 robinson.
3. I want a sedu flat iron.
4. Big & its empty.
5. R u awake?
6. Kroger bill came to 6.66.
7. My can of biscuits popped in back of my van.
8. It wasn't dead!
9. Niijhttytwhdampaidbacfy.

That last one was one I sent to WD. He had no idea what I meant. He's so 2003.

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  1. Oh, enjoy your time and I know it's hard to think about enjoying nice quiet time with out them but I promise you will. Ok, I must be so 2003 with your hubby because I have no idea what the last text meant either.....

  2. That is funny! I think that even WD could teach his slightly older brother, a few things about computers, cell phones, etc!
    p.s. The boys are doing fine, they have played with the trains a lot, made play doe stuff, and played on the computer! Those websites for kids are amazing!

  3. kids? That's not too shabby my friend. Enjoy a little quiet. And it's okay if you miss them while you do it. :)

    I'm going to Vegas next weekend with no kids OR hubby. I'm really jazzed about the idea of everything I do being TOTALLY up to me. That's just unheard of.

  4. Um, I need a translation on that last one too. I can pick out some stuff but the rest is a different language for me.

  5. enjoy your time! I don't know what the last one is either!

  6. I guess I should probably admit that I can't remember what the last one meant either!

  7. Ohmygosh! Does that last one really mean something? I'm, like, sooo 2002, I'm not with it at all!

  8. What tha!? Me - I'm 2003 too!
    Ali, it's Lee here, Judy's sister, love cruising into your blog site, it makes me feel connected and in the picture...from so far away.
    Sounds like the boys are having fun.

  9. So how are you surviving without your boys them Ali?

    I am sure you are enjoying the peace and quite, but missing them a ton!

    LOL about the texts, I have never sent a text message to anyone in my is all strange to me!! lol

  10. I definately need to get with the times. I've never sent a text message !

  11. Jennifer--It actually meant something but I can't remember what I meant!

    Lee--Hi! Isn't the internet great for keeping in touch?!

    Rebecca--I do miss the boys but I took a nap this afternoon. In the middle of the day. Fantastic!

    Celeste--I never thought I'd send text messages either but it comes in so handy sometimes:)


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