Monday, August 4, 2008


Nascar not your thing? Wanna talk make-up? Head on over to Angie's pretty purse!

Forget the Sprint Cup race at Pocono, did anyone see the Nationwide race in Montreal Saturday? If you did, you watched history being made. It was the first Nascar race that was run in the rain. How funny were those little windshield wipers on the race cars? Very, if I do say so myself.

But back to the Sprint Cup race, which had its own issues with rain yesterday. They took a break for a shower to pass through, got the track dry, and then we all waited to see who's pit strategy reigned supreme: Kasey Kahne (instead of pitting before the red flag, he stayed out in first and hoped that the race would be called off) or Carl Edwards (he did pit before the red flag, stocked up on a lot of goodies, and waited in the 22nd position hoping the rain would let up). And...the rain let up and Edwards made his way back up to first when the checkered flag was waved.

Elliott Sadler finished 27th and remains unchanged in points at 21. I accept the fact now that with only 5 races to go until the Chase for the Cup, he's not going to make the top 12. But, come on, he's about to be passed by Travis Kvapil. Travis Kvapil! No offense Kvapil fans. I know he's an excellent truck driver, but, come on!

Carl Edwards gets the win, Michael Waltrip gets the red lantern, and we're in New York at Watkins Glen International Speedway next Sunday.

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  1. I did see highlights of the race on sportscenter last night. You are starting to make a Nascar fan, I think to myself ok I have to watch some of it or at least the reviews so I can comment about it on your blog. LOL

  2. Thanks for the Nascar update! Sorry about Elliot. Mark Martin did Great! We were taking McKenzie back home, and missed the race, so Robert tivoed it, and the rain break, meant that our race stopped early, and we didn't get to see the finish.

  3. LeAnn--I'll turn you into a Nascar fan by the end of the season!

    Judy--Darn technology!


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