Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Portfolio 5 Light Chandelier With Accessories

This is what my light fixture looks like in my dining room right now. I'm teaching the boys about the solar system so there's a clothes hanger with all 9 planets on it (yes, I'm including poor little identity-confused Pluto) and a papier mache globe awaiting paint. I don't know where the barrel of monkeys fit into things but even if they weren't hanging there I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart would still not approve.

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  1. What a great mom you are!
    1. To actually be teaching them about the solar system (not my cup of tea, sorry)
    2. To hang this from your chandelier (my children would have probably tried to hang themselves from it)
    3. I will send my kiddos your way when it is time to do the planet/solar system project for school.

  2. At work, we were going to throw away some hanging bees and butterflies. I will be bringing them to add to the collection.

  3. The monkeys can be the asteroid belt- badda-bing, badda-boom, you're done. Nice work!

  4. you are such a good mom, you put the rest of us to shame! Will would totally pull that stuff down and be swinging from it! Now that he is better he is getting into everything, today an entire roll of TP, it is amazing what they can do in a few seconds.

  5. Oh m'gosh, this is so something I would do. My daughter and I actually made a string of planets that she has hanging in her room. That is sad about poor Pluto. I had no clue what to do with it, and I think it was my daughter who actually told me it was no longer a planet. I was so out of the loop!

  6. What a great mommy you are. I love the idea, too!

  7. I love it! I do these things too, and I hope that it stays with my children and they too will carry on with the lessons!

  8. Well I love it! And you could tie in Planet of the Apes to the monkeys!

  9. LeAnn--Send them on up here but have them bring some round balloons (not oval)!

    angiesprettypurse--No room!

    Dan--Ah, asteroids. Now there's a thought!

    Kristen--TP? Been there, done that, unfortunately:)

    Dawn--I'll always heart Pluto:)

    Angie--Thank goodness for the internet or I'd be lost!

    Sky--School needs to get here quick though because I'm running out of ideas!

    Jennifer--Planet of the Apes! Good thinking!

  10. Looks like a cool project, I bet the boys are loving it!!! :)

  11. LOL screw Martha Stewart. The monkeys give it pizazz lol !


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