Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anniversary Week: The Gifts

This is a picture of some of the gifts WD and I received for our wedding 11 years ago. People would ask where are you registered? and I would say oh, nowhere but we need anything and everything! Looking back, I think that was a mistake. Because, hello? Mrs. Fran Linstock? I'm sure you meant well but the bright red electric wok just isn't me.

And do you see that crockpot up in the right hand corner of the picture? People like giving crockpots. I got 4 of them.

But take a look at those mixing bowls in the left hand corner of the picture. I love those bowls. If WD had backed out of the wedding at the last minute I would've married those bowls. It is, by far, one of my favorite wedding gifts. They're so versatile. They range in size from itty bitty (6 in. diameter) to super large (15 in. diameter). They're perfect for serving taco salad for a crowd, bags of chips, and popcorn. Whenever I need to mix up something, they're always there for me.

Happy Anniversary 5 piece mixing bowl set.

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  1. This post is too funny! Love it! I'm glad your hubby didn't back out though, because I fear a relationship with mixing bowls might not last forever. ;-)

  2. Great post! I too love the mixing bowls, I think I am addicted to buying mixing bowls I buy them every chance I get. You know I think that when you have been married as long we have you need to do an anniversary shower so you can get new things.

  3. Funny I felt really awkward registering because asking people for stuff really isn't my thing but my Mother insisted and I'm glad I did. We got some really practical stuff and exactly what we needed so that was great.

  4. I hope Fran doesn't google her name! If I remember correctly, I didn't get any crockpots at all and you gave me one of yours.

  5. Oooo, I've been wanting mixing bowls! Check it out, you've got an award, too! http://happilyeverafterland.typepad.com/happilyeverafterland/2008/08/you-like-me-you.html

  6. Happy Anniversary! I would love to get that many gifts again!


    And I agree, I want an anniversary shower!

  8. You can never go wrong w/ bowls, bowls, and more bowls. That's too funny that you got so many crockpots. I haven't tried cooking w/ one so I wouldn't know what to do w/ them.

  9. Dawn--You're right, I probably would've left my bowls for a toaster oven!

    LeAnn--Don't you just really love the HUGE bowls?!

    Debateur--My mother so needed to insist with me! I was the first of the kids to get married so it was all new to us.

    Angie--Way ahead of you, I changed 2 letters in her last name!

    Jennifer--Thank you!

    Kristen--Thanks and that was only half! Yay for me!

    Brittany--Me too, I need some new towels!

    Koala brains--The one I kept has held up great. I guess because I don't use at much as I should!

  10. There's a baby Maggie on the couch! I didn't see her until now!

  11. I swear I have to now post a picture of our gifts when my anniversary rolls around next month. I have an almost identical shot! :)

  12. Oh, I love my mixing bowls from my wedding, too! Crazy. fun post!


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