Monday, June 23, 2008


Angie is reviewing Sand and Sable perfume today. Check it out!

I feel for these Nascar drivers this week. Well, the guys that drive their haulers, anyway. They were in California yesterday at Infineon Raceway and have to travel clear across the country to New Hampshire for next Sunday's race. That's a lot of miles. Wouldn't it make more sense to put Chicago's race in there, then move on the New Hampshire? Mike Helton, I'm looking at you....

While I wait for a response from Mr. Helton, did anyone check out the planes that flew over during Nikki Blonsky's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner? They were A-10's. That's right. A-10's from the 188th Arkansas Air National Guard. We were barely able to contain our excitement here at the home of the lazy dog. Apparently, it doesn't take much to excite us.

By the way, did anyone realize that Elliott Sadler is a pretty good road course racer? He is. He started sixth and consistently ran in the top ten all day. It even looked like he had a shot at winning towards the end when he was in fourth place with 3 laps to go. But for an Elliott Sadler fan, that is too good to be true. His tire started going flat and he started losing positions. He managed to finish but as soon as he crossed the finish line his tire gave out and he hit the wall. He was okay. He ended up in 19th place and gained 1 spot in the standings at 25--we need top 12 to make the Chase.

Kyle Busch gets the win, Brian Simo gets the red lantern, and we're in New Hampshire next Sunday. Unless Mike Helton takes my advice, then we're in Chicago.

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  1. Yes, I also felt sorry for them having to travel so far! I was also so sorry for Elliot Sadler, when his tire started going down, He really did look so good for so long, and we were starting to hope that he was going to win! He definately proved what a great road racer he is!

  2. That is so cool about the A-10 planes.

  3. I heard the race results on the radio this morning and thought of you. :)


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