Friday, June 27, 2008

My Kingdom For A Yellow Cord! Not Blue!

Do you know what yesterday was? It was the day my internet died. If anyone emailed their condolences, I didn't get them. I had no internet. None. All day.

The last time our internet went out I made The Call and a customer service guy got snippy with me for not knowing where the dsl filter is located. So I refused to make The Call again and waited for WD to get home from work so he could deal with it. And he did. And nobody got snippy with him--probably because the term 'dsl filter' doesn't send him into hysterics like it does me.

So our internet is up and working and I've got over 50 posts on my google reader to read. And I'm suffering withdrawals from typeracer. So if you're a mom of an 8th grade girl, please enjoy this poem. If you're not, please head over to typeracer and get addicted too.

The Month of June: 13 1/2 by SharonOlds

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  1. UGGHHH!! I hate when my internet is down. I feel like I can't go on with my day, and why is it that when we try to get something done others get snippy but when our husbands call they are just as nice as they can be. GO FIGURE...
    Have a wonderful day :)

  2. You just got me addicted to typeracer!

  3. What a wonderful poem.
    O.K. I'll head over to typeracer now. (What are you getting me into?)

  4. A while day without the internet????

    Let it never be!

  5. I start shaking when the Internet is down. Maybe I have a problem. Oh and WTH is a dslfilter?

    I'm afraid of typeracer...but like everything else I can't help but go look:)

  6. oh it drives me crazy when my internet is down it makes me crazy I can't live w/ out it. Glad yours is working.

  7. There is almost nothing worse than when your internet dies! I am glad you are back up and running!


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