Monday, June 30, 2008

New Hampshire

Nascar not your thing? Check out Angie's pretty purse. She's talking about, well, purses.

I missed the race. Big pup's T-ball party was yesterday and they all got individual trophies even though they didn't win a game all season. I know there's a lot of grumblings these days about awarding all the kids so no one feels left out. I get the point but, darnit, I sure did like seeing these boys' eyes light up when they got their trophies! Big pup was very happy!

By the time we got home, the race had ended. Apparently, Elliott Sadler didn't have a very good car to start out with. Big adjustments were made during lap 67s green flag pit stops. He continued to fall as far back as 32nd. But then he got the lucky dog on a yellow and started to work his way back up. And then towards the end of the race a caution came out. And the leaders hit the pits while many others took a chance and stayed out. I think Sadler stayed out which turned out to be a great call because shortly after that rain started to fall, the red flag came out, and then the officials called the race with approximately 20 laps to go.

So the top 5 turned out to be an out of the ordinary group:
1. Kurt Busch
2. Michael Waltrip (yay!)
3 J.J. Yeley
4. Martin Truex Jr.

I was hoping that a 5th place finish would bump him up in the standings but he remains unchanged in 25th.

Kurt Busch gets the win, A.J. Allmendinger gets the red lantern, and we're under the lights Saturday night in Daytona.

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  1. I wish I was there to see the look on Big Pup's face! Yes, I think it is a good idea to get trophies for the whole team regardless of who wins! Even if they just mean; "Good on you!, you didn't miss a single game, and you have improved tremendously!".
    So thrilled that Elliot Sadler came 5th yesterday! sometimes good things happen to us when we miss races! The race we missed was when Dale Jnr, won.

  2. Yeah Big Pup!!! Congratulations on the trophy I am like you I think EVERYONE deserves a trophy on the team.

  3. check out my blog for another award you received!!!


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