Monday, June 2, 2008

The Monster Mile

Elliott Sadler and Nascar doesn't float your boat? The perfect no smudge lipstick does? Click here to see what my sister's favorite lipstick is.

Do I really have to do a Nascar report today? As an Elliott Sadler fan, I really don't want to do a report today. Because he really didn't do so good yesterday. Really.

Okay. Here it goes. On lap 17 (!) he came down on David Gilliland and caused a huge wreck that collected 10 other cars. One of those 10 was Tony Stewart and he was not happy. And definitely not in a good way either. Stewart was so passive-aggressive in his interview that it just solidified my negative opinion of him even more.

Here's what Stewart said: "I take 100% responsibility--it's my fault for being anywhere close to Elliott. If I'm within half a lap of him, I expect that to happen. It's my fault--I'm the one that hit him. When I hit him it caused all the guys behind us to wreck, so it's my fault."


Elliott finished 42nd, dropping him to 28th in the standings. This finishes up the FOX portion of the season. Next week, TNT will carry some races, then ESPN will get a turn, then ABC.

By the way, Elliott's auctioning off the hood of his car from this race benefitting autism awareness. It's actually in pretty good shape considering it being in a wreck that sent him to the garage for good. The current bid is $1800.

Kyle Busch gets the win, Denny Hamlin gets the red lantern, and we're in Pocono next Sunday.

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