Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good Riddance!

These are the baby birds that lived on my back porch for 6 months. Give or take 5 months. If there was an award for best avian mother of the year, it would've went to the mom of these baby birds. Every day and night she stayed in her nest keeping her eggs warm. When they hatched she tirelessly brought them yummy bugs during the day and snuggled with them at night. They got bigger and bigger and bigger until she couldn't even fit in the nest with them. So she sat on the fence nearby, keeping watch, still bringing them the best bugs she could find.

Whenever I saw her flitting about her well-made nest, with no room to land, dropping bug after bug after bug into open mouths, I can't help but think about my own mom when, 2 years ago, I moved back home. With a husband. And 2 kids under 5. And 2 dogs.

We were having our house built and needed somewhere to live while it was under construction and my parents graciously opened up their home to us for 9 months. And I'm sure that when we moved out, we left their home in a similar state that those baby birds left when they finally flew out of their momma's nest.


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  1. Oh dear, what a mess! I do hope you didn't leave a mess quite like that at your parents. ;-)

  2. What a mess! I am sure your parents enjoyed the time you stayed with them and I am know you all didn't leave a mess quite like the birds did. Have a wonderful
    4th of July. We will be in your neck of the woods tonight.

  3. What a beautiful story about that little bird family!and a great comment on Mum's in general! Yes, the babies sure did leave a mess!

  4. That's just what family DOES, and it's all good. And I really will return the toys I borrowed soon.

  5. HA! Yes, aren't bird nests fun? We had one a few years ago, and couldn't have been dive bombed more by the mother bird when we got into her "territory." That biotch. We vowed never again!

  6. Aww they are cute, and what a good mumma bird.

    I hope you got rid of all the poop...yuck! hehe

  7. That is a mess! I love the picture of the baby birds.

  8. Ah....I love it. We had the same mess on our side porch for a long time. I love the pictures.


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