Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just 4 months ago, our yard was covered with snow. Now it's covered in HOT. Yesterday, the temperature hit 100 degrees, with a heat index of 434. Forget about moving to Hawaii, my Sibes want to move to Alaska!

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  1. Tell me about it, I am so ready for Alaska when I went home yesterday from work our thermometer read 104 not counting heat index......I am ready for FALL

  2. We shaved our dog down (we meaning me, of course!). He's part chow. I'll post a pic later, but don't let your dogs see it, I know they'll make fun of him!

  3. Lexie let Howard lay on the bed in front of the fan?!

  4. All God's creatures need to stay cool! Nice photo of Howard. I noticed that you have brushed a lot of shedding hair out of them!

  5. Howard is so lucky that you have provided him w/ a fan! The things we do for our animals! Cute pic.

  6. Ain't it the truth? If my sibes could speak, they would thank us for the a/c in our house. And I'm still always amazed when they want to stay outside during the night in the winter.

  7. Thanks for visiting my site!!
    I love this photo of you spoiled doggie. :)
    Who knew Alaska was that hot at this time!!! (not me!!)

  8. LeAnn--And it's not even August yet!

    Jennifer--LOL! I can't wait to see a picture!

    Angie--She must have been in HER yard, chewing on one of HER sticks or drinking HER water!

    Judy--Yes, a lot, but not enough!

    Kristen--I'd put an air conditioner in their dog house if my husband would let me!

    Merrie--I know! They like to laugh at my sister's dog when she has to wear her doggie sweater:)

    Dawn--Thank you for visiting mine!

  9. I love your dog. I am sure that he is hot. But I have to say I will take heat over cold any day.

  10. Renee--Thanks! I wish it could stay in the 70's year around:)


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