Monday, July 21, 2008


Angie's talking about sunglasses today over at my pretty purse. Check it out!

Nascar took the day off yesterday so I'm taking the day off today. Which is a good thing because we had a family get together yesterday where nobody touched my sangria so I was forced to drink all of it last night. So...having today off...very good.

Get ready for Sunday's race at The Brickyard in Indianapolis.

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  1. Happy day off to ya!!! everyone deserves it every now and then.
    Take some tylenol and take a nap :)

    Sangria is so good I can't believe you were the only one who drank it.

  2. LeAnn--I know! Next time I'm hiding hubby's fancy dark ales so everyone will have to drink it!

  3. Sangras yum !

    Love the website and I will definately check out your reading list. I'm a book fanatic.

  4. I want to take some days off in August and go to your house. You will make me lots of good food and sangria. Not kidding.

  5. LOL! Sounds like you should have had a little help from your friends! Old remedy for hangover, 2 aspirin, and a cold cloth over your eyes. Take it easy!

  6. Celeste--Thanks and nice to meet another book lover!

    Angie--Make a list:)

    Judy--I know you had some but not enough! And WD helped me drink it too.

  7. Nobody drank the sangria?
    Let me know when the next get-together is... I might be able to help!

  8. Ann--Now I'm on a quest for the perfect Sangria recipe, I think I'll need some taste-testers!


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