Monday, July 28, 2008


Angie's talking about music over at my pretty purse today. Check it out!

So, yesterday, Nascar was like "Hey, drivers, Goodyear hasn't tested their tires on this track yet so there might be a few problems" and the drivers were like "Oh, yeah, there's gonna be MORE than a few problems" and Elliott Sadler was like "What tire problems?"

Elliott's tires held up better than a lot of the other cars. His team made some good moves throughout the race (great pit stops) and after 160 laps and 11 yellow flags (7 of them were competition cautions because of tire concerns) he had his best finish of the year. FOURTH! This moves him up 2 spots to 21 in the standings. Top 12 makes the Chase.

Jimmie Johnson gets the win, Michael Waltrip gets the red lantern, and we're at Pocono Raceway next Sunday.

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  1. I saw that, are the tires normally like that? I don't think I have ever seen a race have that many "TIRE" problems.

  2. I was looking forward to seeing your blog today!! Robert and I were very proud of Elliot Sadler's 4th place! Did his team get the message from you to change tires??:) We were also proud of Mark Martin's performance!

  3. I played a nascar game at Party Time Pizza over the weekend. I was right next to Sadler and rammed into him on purpose. It was fun - you need to come visit.

  4. LeAnn--Indy is always rough on tires but not like this!

    Judy--NO! I didn't want him to change tires, his were holding up good and I was hoping Nascar wouldn't bring in the Pocono tires. They didn't. I'm happy:)

    Angie--That's just rude!

  5. Well, that had to be an exciting race.

    I tagged you for a meme over at my place. You can see it here. :-)

  6. Dawn--Very exciting! Thanks for the tag:)

  7. I was on the road (even more so than most of the drivers, it seems) but heard about the debacle from my mother. Sounds ridiculous. (And BTW, haven't posted here yet but enjoy your NASCAR posts--I'm from Daytona Beach originally, so it's nice taste of "home.") :)

  8. Sherry--I'm so glad you enjoy Monday's Nascar recap! And it was exasperating for the fans but I can't help wondering if it worked in Sadler's favor, if so, I'll take it!


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