Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Of Those Days

A few weeks ago, Big pup was sitting on the couch and I brought him some chocolate milk. A 6 year old, a couch, and a full cup of chocolate milk. Does that raise any red flags for you moms out there? Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. Within 5 seconds he was covered in chocolate milk. I told him to take off all his clothes and go jump in the pool.

So while I cleaned the couch, WD supervised the pool activity and noticed that Big pup had gotten in the pool with his watch still on. When WD pointed out this fact, Big pup sighed and said, "Looks like I'm having a bad day, huh?"

Dear Big pup,
My sweet, smart, stubborn first-born son. May all your bad days be only as bad as spilled milk and broken watches.

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  1. Aww poor big Pup, it's not fun when you have a bad day. Sweet note you wrote at the end.

  2. I know what I'm getting him for Christmas now. Actually, he probably likes wearing one to school, nevermind.

  3. That made me cry. Too sweet.

  4. Poor Big Pup! Give him a big hug for me! I was surprised to hear about the spilt chocolate milk. Big Pup is really not clumsy, when he can climb up on his grandfather's train project table, and tip toe around the tracks without standing on anything or knocking over anything! He is amazingly well balanced, and careful for his age! That was such a lovely little note to him, at the end!

  5. UH OH spilled milk on the sofa....and chocolate too boot!

    Great idea to have him jump in the pool....but bummer he was wearing his watch.

    Poor boy.

  6. That is so sweet!

    My son sounds quite similar to yours.

  7. That is such a sweet note and story. I am here visiting from MBC, your photos are amazing!

  8. Thanks for the sweet comments, you guys!


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