Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Tale Of 6 Haircuts

Yikes! I hope I didn't scare anyone with that first picture! Imagine WD waking up to that every morning. Poor WD. But enough about him. Let's talk about me. Or more specifically, my various hairstyles. Settle in folks, we're heading back to 1993 for this one. 1. 15 years ago. I had just seen Halle Berry in The Last Boy Scout and loved her hair. She only had a small part in the movie but I knew she was going places. I like to think I discovered her and was shocked that I she didn't mention me during her Oscar speech in 2002. Super short hair grows way to fast. The upkeep was a pain.

2. 11 years ago. Still a short cut. My mom had always kept mine and my sister's hair short growing up because we didn't like our hair fussed with. I still don't.

3. 9 years ago. I think this is the longest my hair has ever been. And when it's long, this is the only way I can wear it. I hate having my hair fall in my face.

4. 6 years ago. I actually liked this short bob but I tend to be an 'ear-tucker' and this style doesn't look so good when the sides are tucked behind my ears.

5. 1 year ago. I branched out with this one. It was totally cut to style and I had to wear it straight. Natural curls did not look good with this style.

6. Today. Love it! A simple, medium length cut with layers. Very versatile. I can wear it curly or straight and still pull it back in a ponytail.

This concludes A Tale of Six Haircuts, aka the most boring blog post ever. If you've made it this far, congratulations, I'm sorry, and thank you.

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  1. What a fun post! Your hair looks great, makes me feel like slob ;) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. I love the new hair do!! It looks great on you :) It's fun to look back at all the different hairstyles we've had over the years. I went and got mine cut yesterday in a shorter bob than what I had.

  3. Totally not a boring blog! And it looked kind of difficult to put together. Very nice haircut.

  4. Adorable cut on you!!

    Ack if I did this, you'd see how many times I went for the spiral perm-post baby and that's just frightening!

  5. I like this post! I should try that sometime -- it'd be a history of how to attempt to manage the thickest and straightest hair ever. And I love the cut you have now -- very beautiful!

  6. Great Blog, and the new haircut is the best!

  7. H.E. Eigler--Thanks! Originally it was a WW post but sometimes when I want to add a few words it turns out being 125 words!

    Tollesons4him--The style you have in your WW post? Love it!

    Angie--It was kind of hard to find halfway decent pictures of me back when digital cameras didn't exist and one shot was all you got:)

    Jen--I want to see the spiral perm pics!

    Merrie--I'll be expecting a Sleepless Mornings Haircut History next week and looking forward to it!

    Judy--Thanks and you will get to see it in person Sunday:)

  8. SO FUNNY!

    I love your new hair!

  9. I love your post! Your new haircut is awesome! I love looking at old pics of my hair and sometimes as myself "what was i thinking?"

  10. The new style looks great on you!! I would scare people with all my hairstyles especially in the 80s lol

  11. I didn't think it was boring at all, I quite enjoyed it! I might copy you on this! Except my hair in a before picture won't all fit! I have naturally curly hair too and it's a giant afro before I straighten it! :)

  12. Brittany--Thanks! Now I need a $200 straightener to battle this humidity!

    Kristen--Believe me, I have that same thought about myself!

    Jennifer--I hope big/tall hair never comes back in style!

    Sylvia--I love your hair! You must have chi straightening iron--it looks so straight and pretty!


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